The Women’s Guide to Scuba Diving


Copyright © 2000, Claire Walter
ISBN 0071351388
143 pages, $14.95
Published by Ragged Mountain Press

Everything You Need to Know to Get Started (and Keep Going) Gear, Clothing, Tips and Advice Women’s Voices, A Woman’s Approach

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Discover a new world

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to glide effortlessly underwater, side by side with amazing sea creatures, then turn your dreams into reality and join the tens of thousands of women of all ages who have discovered the joys of scuba diving. Claire Walter demystifies scuba diving, while filling you in on everything you need to know to get started in this most magical of recreational activities. She Provides insights and answers to common concerns women have regarding scuba diving, and walks you through the entire process, from learning the basics to becoming certified.

You’ll find out how to:

  • Check the fit and condition of rental gear to ensure a successful first dive
  • Buy the right kind of gear, and estimate how much you can expect to spend
  • Find a great instructor and learn to dive safely
  • Choose dream vacation diving locations, and find other women to dive with
  • Learn the safe and environmentally friendly ways view corals, dolphins, and other sea life
  • Become certified to dive anywhere in the world
  • Extend your training and learn to teach others or make a career from your skills

Plus, you’ll find personal accounts by women who share their fascinating underwater adventures,
and tell you how they began to scuba, overcame their fears, met challenges, improved
their skills, and made diving an irreplaceable part of their lives.