Skiing on a Budget


Copyright © 1996, Claire Walter
ISBN 1558704035
156 pages, $15.99
Published by Betterway Books, Cincinnati

Sharpen your eye and tighten your fist. You can do some terrific skiing without spending a terrific sum.

This guide to good skiing and snowboarding values across North America shows you how to stretch a buck, save a buck and even make a buck on the slopes. Saving money doesn’t mean cutting back on the fun and excitement of skiing. In addition to broad general strategy, the book provides you with specific places on where to find the best deals.

You’ll find such tips as:

  • Learn to ski or snowboard cheap–or free
  • Secrets of snaring the lowest-cost lift tickets
  • How to save money on gear by renting leasing and smart shopping
  • Ways to make skiing an inexpensive family affair
  • Planning strategies to make your vacation dollars go farther
  • How to get your lodging for less
  • How to have inexpensive fun on and off the slopes
  • Why small areas offer big fun and big savings
  • Join a ski club or other group for savings and camaraderie
  • Ski area jobs pay off in ski time
  • The joys of low-cost cross-country skiing