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Nordic Walking
Copyright © 2009 Claire Walter
ISBN 978-1-57826-269-4
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Published by Hatherleigh Press, Long Island City, New York

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Nordic Walking: The Complete Guide to Health, Fitness, and Fun

Nordic Walking is the perfect fitness program for today: easy to learn, easy on the budget and accessible everywhere. Nordic Walking is fitness walking with specially designed poles. One branch came to being in the United States in the late 1980s. The other was developed in Finland and introduced into the European marketplace in 1997. Today more than 6 million people worldwide engage in Nordic Walking regularly, and participation is growing quickly in the United States as the estimated 87.5 million Americans who already walk for fitness are discovering the benefits of Nordic Walking.

Nordic Walking can be done anywhere and has many advantages over regular walking, including:

• The specially designed, lightweight Nordic Walking poles relieve some of the stress on the ankles, knees and hips and transfer it to the upper torso, making it a full-body workout.

• Nordic Walking burns up to 45 percent more calories than walking the same distance at the same speed without poles.

• Nordic Walking is effective for new exercisers just off the couch, dedicated walkers, long-time runners who are now trying to favor their knees, anyone rehabilitating from an injury, and even sedentary seniors or people mobility and balance issues.

Nordic Walking is a recreational and fitness activity for the 21st century–and Nordic Walking the first complete guide to how to get started with this fun and healthy new sport.

Author Claire Walter takes a journalistic approach to introducing variations on Nordic Walking technique, different pole designs, footwear, health concerns and health benefits, special events and footraces that welcome use of poles.

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